Michigan Builders License Class

Below is a breakdown of our 60 hour builder's license course. Read about all the topics we cover and then click "Enroll Now" to reserve your seat in class!

Business, Estimating, & Cost Accounting - 6 Hours

Develop business and management techniques along with estimating processes to determine and manage job costs. You will learn how to develop a spreadsheet for estimating renovation and new building projects. We will help with methods that track those costs and track the profitability of the project.

Design & Build for Residential Construction - 6 Hours

Introduction to the design process for renovations to existing structures, then see the difference in the design process for new buildings. Follow the typical building process along with material types and processes used to construct the projects. We include an introduction to alternate building materials along with and a discussion on “Green Building” materials and processes.

Contracts & Risk Management - 6 Hours

This course will provide the components which will help develop the contract which best serves the needs of the specific trade contractor. We discuss the differences of the Proposal and a contract by identifying the risks and liabilities assumed by the project owner and by the contractor and the sub-contractor. This course will help develop the contractor understanding of the various liabilities, and how to identify and manage the risks inherent in the residential building industry.

Marketing for Success - 6 Hours

This course will identify marketing tools and the effectiveness of many of them along with the regulations (licensing) of a sales staff. Class discussions will identify the use of the internet, handouts (door to door) sales, along with membership in trade organizations and network marketing groups.

Project Management & How to Schedule - 6 Hours

This course will demonstrate the importance of project management in the success of any building or remodeling project. Tools to use in the management process will be discussed from the design process through bidding, building and final close out for the project. This course will show the correlation of work in place and cash flow through the development of a comprehensive project schedule. We will develop a schedule through discussing a project and the various components which make up the schedule and how the work will flow.

Residential Codes & Compliance - 6 Hours

This course will provide information on obtaining the “Michigan Residential Code” manual and the basic requirements of having the manual on site at all times and how to use the manual. A overall review of the codes as they are written and meant to be used and interpreted. Along with the overview we will discuss the how the various sub-trades are affected and have an affect on the builder.

MIOSHA Standards - 6 Hours

This course is intended to make each contractor aware of the standards set forth by the State of Michigan and the Federal government via MIOSHA and OSHA respectively. This course will not take the place of required training by the State but will make available how to find and take advantage of those resources which will make for a saver work environment.

Builder’s License Seminar Review - 18 Hours

The course will help the understanding of the State examination administered by PSI. We will provide information on how to contact and the requirements needed to qualify for the State test. This course is intended as a review of the requirements and the information learned in previous sections of the seminar. We review codes, building calculations, safety along with an overview of the business law. The course includes self tests by sections in order to test retention of materials.

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